Football NewsLudovic Giuly compared Neymar’s case to Ronaldinho
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One of the best players in the world is the Brazilian forward, but there can be more with a little effort, says former Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona winger Neymar is similar to Ronaldinho in that she has an extraordinary level of talent but does not reach his full potential due to his attitude, Giuly argues.


He shows his love and commitment to the club

The pair of Brazilian forwards both starred for Barca and Paris, with Ronaldinho moving from France to Spain in his stellar career, while Neymar is currently leading the line for Paris Saint-Germain after moving there in a world record transfer in 2017. While Neymar helped Paris Saint-Germain establish near-total domestic domination and advance to the Champions League final last season, Ludovic still feels like he hasn’t scaled the heights that his ability could actually reach.

In an interview, Ludovic said that he is going to compare Ronaldinho and Neymar at a career level. They have everything, but they do not give everything to be even higher, he added. The former Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona winger, however, is hoping Neymar will agree to renew his contract with the Ligue 1 champions and his current recruiting deal will expire in the summer of 2022. Ludovic says of course this is an important message for them, for his teammates and for his supporters, and that he shows his love and commitment to the club is something very important.


Paris Saint-Germain risks losing control of the championship title

Neymar scored 83 goals in 105 appearances in all competitions for Paris Saint-Germain, winning three Ligue 1 titles, two Coupes de France and two Coupes de la Ligue. However, the 29-year-old has yet to help Paris Saint-Germain achieve their desired continental title. He came closest last season when Paris Saint-Germain was beaten 1-0 in the Champions League final at Bayern Munich. Paris Saint-Germain is at risk of losing control of the league title this season, after suffering a 1-0 defeat to Lille at the top of the table on Saturday and Neymar sent off late.