Football NewsLuis Diaz Breaks Silence As Search for Kidnapped Father Continues
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Luis Diaz has addressed his father’s kidnapping and taken to Instagram to advertise a vigil for Luis Manuel Diaz on Tuesday.

Luis Diaz story is a picture of his dad alongside the caption: “MARCH FOR THE RELEASE OF “MANE” DIAZ We notify the entire community • BARRANCA, LA GUAJIRA, COLOMBIA, TUESDAY OCT 31 CEMETERY PARK, 5:00 PM, Bring your candle to light the light of hope – FREE HIM NOW!”

The latest reports from the Reds star’s home country claim that Colombian authorities have been searching a cloud forest in a bid to track down Luis Manuel Diaz. Both of Diaz’s parents were taken near their home in Barrancas as they stopped to fill their car with petrol on Saturday night en route to a friend’s house.

His mother, Cilenis Marulanda, has since been rescued and is safe. With that being said, Colombia ’s elite Jungle Commandos have now been enrolled to help with operation to return his father safely and unharmed. The area they are focusing on is believed to be the Perija Mountains, amid fears his kidnappers are aiming to smuggle him over the Colombia-Venezuela border.

Liverpool ace Diaz has been in Merseyside for the majority of this scary saga and has been backed with public support from a number of key figures from within the club. On Tuesday afternoon, Reds assistant coach Pep Lijnders told the media: “We try to support him now as much as we can – lot of things out of our hands”.

“I think and I feel that it’s only for Liverpool Football Club that the players know we’re doing the right thing. It’s not for me to say what we’re doing for Luis Diaz”.

“As long as he knows that we’re doing all the right things and we pray. The whole club is behind him. He has that feeling then, for me, it’s right”.

“The authorities are doing everything. Everything we hear is that they’re trying everything, that’s the most important thing that his family are OK.”

Reds boss Jurgen Klopp echoed a similar sentiment before Saturday’s 3-0 win over Nottingham Forest as he discussed how much the situation has shook the entire squad.

“We played in the most difficult circumstance I’ve ever had. It was a really difficult day, which ended with a good result,” Klopp claimed.

“The best thing we could do for our brother was that we win the game and distract him a little bit maybe, all the rest was super special in the most negative understanding. After more than 1,000 games you would think you have experienced everything, but no.

“But it’s not about us, it’s about ‘Lucho’ and his family, and we all pray and hope that everything will be fine. What we can do, we will do, we’ve done already in the club and the only thing we could do today was fight for their brother – and that’s what they did.”