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Luis fugo on Florentino Perez’s situation

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24 Jul 2021
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Florentino perez

Luis Figo has revealed that Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has apologised to him in the wake of the controversy over the leaked audio clips.

Luis Figo’s comment on the situation 

Luis Figo has actually come out and talked about the situation. Luis actually said the same thing that Perez did, Perez noted how the most of the leaks are ripped out of context and because of that most of them are useless to say the least, and as we mentioned already Luis did the same, but nonetheless Luis also mentions how Perez apologized to him for all of this mess of an situation and that’s is just great to see, Perez see’s that going around and telling everyone that it’s all fake new will just not cut it. The probability of maybe some leaks being out of context is considerably high, but that doesn’t mean that Perez has no blame in it or that it’s just fake, President has made a mess and only he can clean this up truthfully, but even though apologizing is a quite a good method to try to deescalate the situation but it surely will not give most of the critics anything to calm down. They will still go and criticize him for it, many suggest other things. Giving a peek at why he said those things will be a great move to do.

Perez stand on this situation

If Perez really wants to do great action for himself then he should explain himself as soon as possible or just maybe the President feels ok even in this hell, at the end it’s still up to him what to do, he can just say nothing like absolutely nothing, but he must remember that some drastic moves have tragic consequences in the end, there will be no good ending if President will be quite and if he doesn’t end this unsettling silence. 


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