Football NewsLuis Suarez’s Doctor: The rehabilitation process went quickly
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Doctor Ramon Cugat, who operated Luis Suarez on the knee in January, is surprised by the progress of rehabilitation process of the Uruguayan player.


As you know, in January 2020, the Uruguayan striker of “Barcelona,” Luis Suarez, underwent knee surgery, so he could not help “Barcelona” in a number of matches.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the suspension of the season allowed El Pistolero to use that time to heal the injury and be in line for crucial matches. Suarez’ Doctor talked about this:

“It’s true that Luis’s rehabilitation process has been going at a fast pace. He wants to play, and therefore he feels good.

In general, it takes a long time to recover from the injuries that Suarez had. But “El Pistolero” managed to do it very soon.

Now it will take him one month to get in shape. He may not come out on the pitch in the first few minutes of the season. But the head coach will do his best.

I talk to a South American every week, and he is very excited about coming back. He trained a lot at home and is currently continuing his routine on the pitch.

An injury like Suarez takes a long time to heal. Although Luis soon overcame everything, he is a very strong player. He once joked to me, “Doctor, what time will I be tempted? From 2 to 3 weeks?” El Observador quotes the Doctor as saying. “Suarez is a great person and a great player.” – the Doctor added.