Football NewsLuka Modric reveals he had transfer negotiations with Abramovich in 2011
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The talented playmaker was sought out at Stamford Bridge after starring through the English capital in north London.

Roman Abramovich had transfer negotiations with Luka Modric

Luka Modric has revealed that he had transfer negotiations with Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich back in 2011, with the Croatian discussing a possible transfer from Tottenham with the “mysterious” Russian. The talented playmaker was sought out at Stamford Bridge after starring through the English capital in north London. Abramovich splashed money at that stage and was ready to delve deeply to persuade Spurs chairman Daniel Levy to part with a valuable asset. Modric was aware of the interest shown in him and met his suitors on a yacht in the French Riviera. “It was all inspiring,” he wrote in Luka Modric: My Autobiography, which The Guardian serializes.

Luka wanted to fight for more trophies and titles

“About twenty people, who seemed to be part of the guard, met us on the boat. It was quick and well organized; just as we were settling ourselves on one of the luxury decks, Abramovich appeared. During our gathering on the Côte d’Azur, Roman left a feeling of a relaxed, somewhat mysterious person. The Russian wasn’t beating around the bush and said, “We know you are a quality player. I would like you to sign for Chelsea’.” Luka added: “My feeling was that it was time for a move – I wanted to fight for more trophies and win titles, and I felt that this would not happen if I stayed at Spurs. I wanted to move to a major club. Do you think Tottenham will resist your move? Are they going to start a fight?” Asked Abramovich.

Tottenham finally sold the Croatian in 2012 to Real Madrid

“I think the negotiations will be tough,” I replied as I knew the clubs were not on good terms. “Spurs refused to bow to Chelsea’s demands, forcing Modric to stay put. He said, “I came to London before preseason and went to talk to the chairman. There were no harsh words or insults, as the media said, but the conversation was tense. He reprimanded me for announcing publicly that I wanted to leave, and reiterated that Tottenham had no intention of selling at any price.” Tottenham finally accepted the inevitable in 2012, with Modric – who will land the 2018 Ballon d’Or – eventually linking up with the LaLiga giants Real Madrid.” I didn’t know if Levy would agree to sell me and when,” the 34-year-old said of landing that move.

“But I was convinced that it was time to move on to a new and bigger challenge. After four wonderful years, during which we felt at home in England, my wife Vanja and I knew that this life had come to an end.”