Football NewsLyon assistant coach names Lionel Messi the King of the World
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Former French professional footballer and Lyon assistant coach Ludovic Giuly hailed Lionel Messi as King of the World and supported the striker despite a lukewarm debut season in Paris Saint-Germain.


What did Ludovic Giuly say about Lionel Messi?

After a poor debut campaign for Paris Saint-Germain, where he managed just 11 goals in all competitions, the Argentine striker is heading to a flying start in 2022/23. Lionel Messi has so far netted five times in 10 outings and provided eight assists.

The Lyon assistant manager said he always knew it would be difficult for Lionel Messi last season. “When you were the king of the world at a club and you come to a new country for a night and another championship, it’s never easy, even if you’re the best player in the world,” says the Frenchman. According to Ludovic Giuly, it takes time to accept the changes and they saw that his first year was challenging. But Ludovic was convinced his second season would be good because great players always question themselves; that’s what Lionel Messi did.

While Ludovic acknowledged Lionel’s limitations as a player at the twilight of his career, he applauded the striker for still changing the game.

Ludovic Giuly added that, of course, this is no longer the same Messi, but the quality is still there. It remains “Lion”, the one who can change the match. His intellect today must be able to be otherwise decisive. Since Messi is slightly smaller at the finish, he is now on the last pass. Lionel Messi is showing everyone that they can still evolve and change the way they play, even at 35. The Frenchman says that Lionel Messi is a good example for all players, young and old.


What will happen after that for Lionel Messi?

Argentine striker Lionel Messi is expected to be in action for Paris Saint-Germain on Sunday as they lock their horns against Lyon in Ligue 1.