Football News“Lyon is more dangerous than City!” – Stefan Effenberg warns Bayern
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Stefan Effenberg wrote an article on Bayern’s chances. Legend urges players to be careful as Lyon are pretty dangerous.


Everyone considers Bayern Munich an unconditional favorite against Lyon. This is logical because the Bavarian Grand defeated Barcelona 8: 2 in the quarterfinals. The legendary player of the Recordmeister Stefan Effenberg warns the players of Bayern and calls on them to be careful with Lyon.

“8: 2 against Barcelona, ​​of course, was a fantastic story. But in this match, there was only one chance to beat Bayern. The defenders of the wing, Kimmich, and Davis, were attacking too often. The result of extreme pressure is that there are mostly nine or even ten players in the opponent’s half. In the remaining 1 or 2 games, Bayern will not change this style as this is the handwriting of coach Hans Flick. I want to say that they should be careful with Lyon! ” – writes 52-year-old Effenberg in an article on the portal

It is noteworthy that Bayern last won the Champions League in 2013 and have since lost four semi-finals: in 2014 against Real Madrid, in 2015 against Barcelona, ​​in 2016 against Atletico and in 2018 again against Real Madrid.

Effenberg also writes about how Lyon can continue this negative series: “With long passes and quick counterattacks, Lyon can create serious problems for Bayern. “I think this team is more dangerous for Bayern Munich than Manchester City. Lyon defeated City in the quarterfinals of the Champions League.”