Football NewsMadrid and Barca sign up for the LaLiga Assembly electronically
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The situation 

LaLiga held an Extraordinary Assembly in Dubai this Wednesday, taking advantage of the presence of the majority of clubs in that country during a strategic immersion in MENA territory. The participation of Real Madrid and Barcelona was in doubt, who were critical of the employers’ association for taking this meeting to that country instead of being held in the Spanish capital as usual. Despite the protests, both clubs did participate, but not in person. They signed up online. The presence of 40 Spanish clubs in Dubai for four days is motivated by an immersion in MENA territory to learn from the local fan and increase their presence in these territories. The LaLiga summit in Dubai has been marked by two major absences. Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the two great clubs in Spain, have declined their presence in this immersion. Both teams criticized the trip for the expense it entails, but it is yet another clash between the whites and the Catalans with the institution presided over by Thebes , since they rejected and prosecuted the Impulse Plan, one of the points on which this trip is based. While they do not attend, the rest of the teams will, including Athletic and Ibiza, who did not join LaLiga Impulso either, but who have decided to join this opportunity for international expansion. Despite not participating in the trip, the two clubs did participate, albeit electronically, in the LaLiga Assembly. There were doubts until the last moment. Yesterday, Javier Tebas stated that Real Madrid had already confirmed that he would sign up online, although he had no news from Barcelona. “The Barca? We don’t know if it will be. The Assembly is scheduled from September 6. They were signed up through Ferran Oliver and Mateu Alemany until three days ago… but they must have received the call from someone we all know and let’s train!That person is Florentino. They have been lining up for days. I have not spoken with Laporta. I talk to all the clubs, they all have my phone, “said the president of the employers’ association. Finally, like the Concha Espina team, Barcelona participated via telematics.

Changes in the statutes

During the Assembly, the modification of the statutes was approved in several points (compensation for abandonment of category, security issues in the stadiums, and issues regarding economic and disciplinary control). In addition, points were discussed for the adaptation of the Statutes with a view to the entry into force of the Sports Law, which is now in the Senate.