Football NewsManchester City plans to restore reputation
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The Citizens has anticipated the Premier League allegations of financial irregularities and already has a plan to deal with them.


How was everything?

Manchester City wasted no time in making it clear they were confident they would beat the accusations leveled against them by the Premier League for countless breaches of financial regulations. In a new report by British newspaper The Mirror, a source insisted the club knew the day would come and were only surprised by the timing of the announcement.

On February 6, it emerged that the Citizens had been accused of violating Premier League financial rules on countless separate occasions since the 2009-10 season. But according to the report, a source close to Manchester City says the club believes the announcement was thrown out as a result of the government’s decision to delay the release of the white paper on football governance. The sources further state that no prior warning was given to the club and that they have evidence that certain media outlets were informed before Manchester City were informed of the announcement.


What do the sources say?

The source said that PL has spent the last four years on this issue – and yet managed to get the statement wrong. They have no doubt, he said, that it was because the announcement was carried through to divert attention from the pending white paper.


A little about the topic

Returning to their case against UEFA, which they were able to successfully challenge in the Court of Arbitration for Sport in 2020, a source at the club believes the RFPL announcement will simply allow them to further clear their name.


Spanish outlet Marca criticized the Citizens following allegations of financial misconduct, calling the club a money-spending machine.


What did Alvaro Roca say?

The Citizens face charges of a series of premier league financial misconduct, in a reveal list released Monday morning. And Marca responded with criticism of Manchester City’s lack of financial fair play, calling Guardiola’s managed side a state club with a clear advantage over traditional teams.

Marca’s Alvaro Roca, aiming at Manchester City’s spending, wrote: “Financial ‘fair play’ has come to equalize the rules of the game and looking at the balance sheets of major European teams it seems that inequality is the prevailing note. Does it make sense to compete with a rival who plays by different rules? How long can traditional teams last in state clubs? Marca’s Alvaro Roca also commented on the allegation that Manchester City avoided providing truthful financial information: “Manchester City’s overwhelming accounts seem even more embarrassing.”


What will happen after this for Manchester City?

The Citizens were charged with breaking premier league rules after a four-year investigation into their finances. The allegations coincide with a takeover by billionaire Sheikh Mansour, who purchased the club nearly 14 years ago and led them into an unprecedented era of success. Manchester City will now wait and see if they are sanctioned, with points deductions, fines and even relegation mentioned as potential actions. Punishment is out of the question.