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Manuel Locatelli is said to be drawing interest from all over Europe, with Arsenal among its many nagging, but the Sassuolo midfielder is reluctant to draw on the gossip surrounding his future.


Manuel Locatelli is only focused on the task

The 23-year-old’s stock continues to climb in Euro 2020, with an impressive side to the Azzurri striking the Italian international with two goals recorded on his last drive to Switzerland. Juve is mulling a move, with Man City and Arsenal claiming to be passionate about England, but Manuel Locatelli will be in no rush to make any decision regarding a possible transfer. Manuel, when he doubted the speculation he was generating, told reporters that the rumors about the transfer were just talking. Manuel Locatelli will decide after the European Championship.

There is such an important competition and he only focuses on that. Manuel relied on what’s going on in the pitch, the real stuff, everything else is just gossip, it’s useless to talk about it. Manuel Locatelli added that when you participate in such an important competition, you only focus on the task and that they see the kids on the street when they go to their games waving flags, so it’s very easy to stay focused on the match. According to Manuel Locatelli, he is focused on what is happening on the pitch because that is what is real. Everything else is just gossip and there is no point in worrying about it.


Manuel Locatelli does not rule out anything

According to reports, a bid of around £ 34 million could be enough to secure Manuel Locatelli’s signature, although that asking price will continue to rise if he puts Italy in a vie for European championship glory. While no decision on a potential set change will be made anytime soon, the top-rated performer hinted that he might like the move away from Serie A. Manuel said that playing abroad is an option for him and at the moment he is not ruling anything out. This is part of his job and it means that he has improved his level.