Football NewsMarcelino is fully focused on Athletic Bilbao
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The Athletic coach has no problem waiting for the new president at the end of June. “I don’t care if the elections take place at one time or another, I don’t think my future will depend on that.”


Inigo Martinez recovery

Marcelino has confirmed that Inigo Martínez “has a very good process, it seems definitive”, after exercising normally these last two days with the group and “it is only a matter of the amount of work to compete”. If everything remains the same, he will be on Thursday, although tomorrow is a safe loss against Celta in San Mamés. His absence is noticeable, “because he is a very important player in Athletic, a footballer with a very high performance and gives the team a plus of winning, activity and dynamism”. That yes, the rojiblanco coach does not want to use that absence to justify that the team has conceded goals lately, but he makes it clear that “he is a defensive bulwark”. In addition, he confirmed that Dani García’s rhythms and sensations are perfect to get out of the starting lineup.


Big game against Celta Vigo

A complicated match, because Celta plays good football with a lot of possession and that is going to force us to do good defensive work. Let’s hope we have the success in the areas to define the match on our side and win again in San Mamés. Iago (Aspas) is a very good player, not only in scoring but in everything he does in the opposition field. I know Mina very well, he scores goals in any situation. Denis and Braids are doing well. In an individual situation, they solve games And they’re good passers.