Football NewsMarcelo has a back injury, he won’t play against Real Betis
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Real Madrid has a very important away match against Real Betis. It will be played on Saturday evening and Zidane wants a big win. Unfortunately, Marcelo can’t play because he has a back injury.


Los Blancos flew to Seville without Marcelo

In the first match of the La Liga, Marcelo was on the bench for 90 minutes. Mendy is actually good at his position and Real Madrid is conceding less goals as he is a very trusted person. As a left-back, Marcelo was a good defender but better attacker. As Cristiano Ronaldo is not in the team, Marcelo’s role is decreasing slowly because there is no one who needs Marcelo’s crosses. 

Marcelo was training hard during the week but he can’t play on Saturday. Unfortunately he has a back injury and Zidane let him rest for another week. During the press-conference, Zidane was hyped up for Marcelo as he did not know about the injury. French coach noted that the team is ready to win against Real Betis. Zidane said that when a team can’t score goals, they might be playing good though. Coach was happy with the performance but noted that team needs to focus more on scoring goals.

Marcelo is addicted to injuries?

Last season, French left-back Mendy was perfect. It was his first season for Real Madrid and Zidane has shown trust. It was the first season for Real Madrid in the last two decades conceding very few goals. Many experts could not believe that Real Madrid adapted to a new type of playing – conceding less goals than in previous seasons.