Uefa Champions League NewsMarco Asensio is waiting for a contract renewal
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Marco Asensio was decisive with his goal against Chelsea, participating in a goal every 93 minutes while he awaits an offer to remain linked to Real Madrid.


Marco Asensio is brilliant

The script is usual, not surprising for the experienced spectator: Madrid wins 1-0, dominates and threatens to kill, but it is difficult for them to enter, so Ancelotti makes use of Marco Asensio from the bench that incorporates the forwards of Real Madrid a different virtue such as his powerful and accurate shot with his left foot to seal the match. Said and done: against Chelsea, the Spaniard entered at 71′ and at 74′ he had already made it 2-0, deepening the wound of the English team and paving the way to the semifinals.


Phenomenal run for Marco

It is a phenomenon, the one described above, that is repeated with some regularity in Europe. Not in vain, 9 of the 12 goals that Asensio has scored in the Champions League came from the bench. This was the case this same course, at the Bernabéu against Leipzig in the group stage (2-0); or the past, against Inter, also at home (2-0); and against Atalanta in 2020-21 (3-1); against Bayern in 2016-17 (4-2); even in a final, that of that same 2016-17 campaign, against Juventus, in which he made the final 4-1. Well, in fact, Asensio is the player who has scored the most goals coming off the bench in the entire history of the Champions League.