Football NewsMarco Asensio – Recovering from injury was toughest thing in 2020
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Marco Asensio is happy that he is finally back in shape. He was unstoppable against Celta. Marco scored a goal and then gave an assist to Lucas Vazquez. Asensio gave an honest interview with the Marca’s journalists.


The process was tough

Asensio said that the process of recovery was very long and it was tough for him to battle with mental thoughts. He said that every day he wanted to give up and just stop playing football. At the same time, there were fans and people who wanted him to succeed and that’s why Marco continued a successful recovery. After a year, he is running up and down, included in the starting line-up of Real Madrid again. The trust that Zidane gave to Asensio was immense. 

Scoring goals and getting three points

The Real Madrid winger said that goals are good but a three points match is way more important than a goal or assist. Asensio said that in some matches you can score many goals and in others you just have to help the team from different aspects. Asensio noted that the important thing is that Real Madrid took three points against Celta. He said that Celta was in a perfect shape and confident win against that team could be a mental thing for Real Madrid players. Keep in mind that Real Madrid had a five-matches winning run while dropping points at the end of the year. For now, Los Blancos is back and won the first game of the year.