Football NewsMarco Rose said Gladbach players confident at season final phase
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Marco Rose met with the journalists. German coach said that he is happy with the current situation in the team.


Return from international break

Rose said that the team was feeling well before the international break. The coach admitted that the international break was during a bad time because finally the team was feeling well. Keep in mind that Gladbach won the game against Schalke in the last game before international break. At the same time, Gladbach players were out of Germany due to international break. Rose said that all the players are back and some of them returned with the injuries. Overall, team players are feeling good and they want to finish the season on a high note. Keep in mind that Marco Rose will leave Gladbach at the end of the season. Rose signed a contract with Borussia Dortmund. It was a very bad news for Gladbach fans and players. Although the captain of the team said that Gladbach will play well, after the news of Rose, the team had a very big downhill. Club lost the games in Bundesliga, Germany’s cup and Champions League. Journalists asked him about the departure from the team. Marco Rose noted that he is still focused on this season, currently he is the coach of Gladbach and wants to finish the season well.


Big win against Schalke

Marco Rose said that the game against Schalke was a big mental boost of team players. Gladbach scored many goals against Schalke and it was visible that players want to win again. Keep in mind that Gladbach could not play well against Manchester City in the Champions League. City was the main opponent of Gladbach in the ⅛ finals of CL. Marco Rose’s team had zero chances to change the situation against Pep Guardiola’s team. As of now, the club is focused on the Bundesliga.