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Three employers testify about the sale process of Valencia

This morning the oral hearing of the trial of the sale of Valencia CF to Peter Lim was held, where the witnesses claimed by the plaintiff, Jaime Navarro, have been heard to annul the sale of Valencia to Meriton in 2014. It is very complicated because On September 7 , the First Instance Court number 1 of Valencia dismissed the precautionary measures requested by the lawyer Jaime Navarro for which he requested the judicial administration of Valencia CF. The lawsuit that was filed at the end of 2021 requests “that the acquisition of Valencia CF by Meriton be declared null and void, because it was done in breach of various obligations. The sanction is full nullity. The causes of annulment defend that the operation violated the Transparency and Good Governance Law, in addition to various articles of the Civil Code. There is a deed of purchase, but it states that Meriton does not have a NIF in Spain, has no corporate purpose and is also installed in a tax haven. This purchase suffers from the reputable causes of Divine Right. No commitment was stipulated in that sale and it was made to a company that is located in a tax haven like Hong Kong”. There were three patrons who voted against the sale of the club to Peter Lim in the sale process: Mateo Castellà , patron of the Generalitat, Cristóbal Grau , patron of the City Council and Miguel Bailach , patron of the Valencia Provincial Council. All three were called as witnesses. At the hearing, Mateo Castellà said that “I would have liked the club to have become more democratized. There were 20 points that were agreed between Bankia, the Generalitat, Valencia and its Foundation in which the sale of the club had to be made that were systematically breached . Castellà has also added that”I don’t know if these points were written down, but it was what the Foundation approved and the consequences that there would be for Meriton in case of non-compliance.” The plaintiff, Jaime Navarro, at the end of the hearing declared that “the three employers have agreed that there was no obligation to sell Valencia under these conditions and that there was not a single obligation for the buyer” and added that “we want to declare the annulment of the purchase contract made by Mertiton of 72% of the shares held by the Valencia Foundation”. The trial may be seen for sentencing although the resolution may take a long time.

Marcos Andre is already Spanish

Marcos André already has dual Brazilian and Spanish nationality . The striker has sworn to the Spanish Constitution this morning in a court in Llíria, so from now on he will no longer occupy a non-EU position, something that makes him more appealing for the market and also frees Valencia in case they soon want to incorporate an extra-community player. The Valencia striker has been in Spain for more than six years since he arrived in 2016 to play for Logroñés , at just 20 years old. Marcos André has complied with all the procedures and, beyond the bureaucratic error that made him confuse the day he had to appear in court, he can now say that he has Spanish nationality for all purposes. Also for Valencia this is good news. Currently, the team only has one non-EU member in its ranks, Samuel Lino , who is also owned by Atlético. For this reason, either in the winter market or in the summer, Valencia will have two free places (three in the summer if Lino returns to Atlético) to incorporate players of any nationality. The also nationalization of Paulista and the departures of Maxi Gómez and Kangin Lee this summer unblocked this problem that had arisen.marco300x169