English Premier LeagueMarcos Rojo wants Cavani to join Boca Juniors in summer
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Cavani Interested in relocation to Boca Juniors for Marcos Rojo, with the former Manchester United star looking for a man currently in the Red Devils’ books to join him in Argentina.


Rojo has good relationship with Cavani

Speculation about a move away from Old Trafford for Edinson has surfaced as his 12-month deal in England draws to a close. Father Edinson Cavani claimed the return to South America would appeal to the prolific 34-year-old, who first moved to Europe from Palermo back in 2007.

Amid talk of tying Cavani to Boca as a free agent, ex-Red Devils defender Marcos said he hangs out with Edinson Cavani a lot and that they’ve been together for about four or five months in Manchester, but he’s a great person and they have a good relationship. 

It is important, he said, that great players, the size of Edinson, who is a historical player from Uruguay and who played in very great teams, say they want to come and play Boca. He thinks that he speaks very well of the club and Argentine football and when he told him that there was an opportunity to come to Boca, he said that he also spoke with Roman Riquelme and that he really liked the option that he would be interested in the future. Edinson must make this decision with his family.


Struggling to adjust in England

The former Napoli and PSG frontman has seen Ole Gunnar play regularly since he was weakened at United. There have been speculations, however, that he was struggling to adjust to life in England, while the ban handed out on the back of a racially insensitive social media post allegedly pushed him closer to the exits.

Marcos is ready to welcome Edinson to Argentina, and the 31-year-old – who secured a permanent move from Manchester in February – added that he told him if he came, he would take him fishing. He likes fishing and there in England he bothered him every day, he told him: “Bring fishing rods!”