Football NewsMarcus Rashford: “I love this club”
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English footballer Marcus Rashford faced criticism for playing off the bench during a defeat at the hands of the wolves last Monday.


What did Marcus Rashford say?

The Red Devils player dismissed reports that the squad turned against Rangnick, while admitting that he was not happy with how he played in the last exits. Although Ralf Rangnick has suffered only one defeat in six games since Solskjaer’s rise to power, Ralf came under fire amid claims that he had already lost Old Trafford’s dressing room. The 24-year-old, however, insists that the rumors are not true and that he is focused on improving his own game.

The England player said in a statement that they were all disappointed with their recent performances and they were just as disappointed with the news coverage calling into question their commitment not only to the manager and coaching staff, but also to the club.

Marcus Rashford has endless respect for both and looks forward to improving his play under staff. Rashford is not choked, he is not unhappy. Is Marcus disappointed with some of the recent performances? Of course yes. according to Marcus Rashford, he is his biggest critic. It was a difficult start, but he is determined to prove his worth. his dedication and his desire were never to be questioned. Marcus Rashford loves this club.


What did Ferdinand say about Rashford?

Marcus was one of the players singled out for criticism following a fierce bench display during Man Utd’s 1-0 defeat to Wolves, which marked a bad start to 2022. Rio Ferdinand said that Rashford is coming off the bench and they expect him to get out there and actually fly and give him some. And sometimes they see Marcus Rashford losing the ball and the reaction to losing the ball is not what they want to see. This could be to the point that Rashford is not happy not to play, etc. But they have to put it on one side.

According to Ferdinand, when they leave the team, it is about coming in and proving to the manager who they are and who they are. Maybe Marcus feels like he isn’t getting the opportunities he deserves. Ferdinand doesn’t know. It is difficult to pinpoint a single player – not possible, all players have to take responsibility from Ronaldo at the top down to all other players. That defeat left Man Utd in seventh place in the Premier League, four points behind Arsenal in the Champions League final qualifier. Their next test comes Monday when they welcome Aston Villa to Old Trafford in the third round of the FA Cup.