Mariano is put on the market

Mariano is put on the market

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27 Jun 2022
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The situation

There are several open fronts in the Real Madrid offices, all of them currently focused on potential departures. One of the footballers who are on the market is Mariano Díaz (28 years old). The striker has a contract until 2023 and both the club and the footballer himself want to find a new destination for the striker this summer that will please all parties. This has been confirmed by David Aranda , agent of the Hispanic-Dominican player, in an interview on Bernabeu Digital: “ The player’s intention is to leave, as in the last three years, as long as there is an option that satisfies him”. “And we are in that situation, trying to find a team that he likes,” added Aranda. So far, Getafe and Fenerbahçe have shown interest. The priority for the azulón team was to have Borja Mayoral again, a very complicated option. So the radar settled on the attacker from Premia de Mar , ruling out the possibility of going for a Luka Jovic who will end up heading to Fiorentina . While the Ottoman option was already on the table last summer. Now they insist again and he appears as one of the most serious candidates to put an end to Mariano’s stage in Madrid. The ball, as in previous markets, is in the court of our protagonist and he must decide. In fact, the option that he completes the remaining year of his contract under Carlo Ancelotti’s orders is not ruled out. “He values ​​many aspects, sometimes some influence more and sometimes others more. At the moment, he has his contract and when he understands that he has to leave and a better team comes, he will leave, and if not, then he will not leave. Finding an outlet to the player’s liking is often not easy, and he will stay if he doesn’t find an outlet because he still has a contract” , explained Aranda.


Likewise, he wanted to point out that the economic factor, his current salary is 4.5 million euros net per season, is not the one that moves the decision-making of his client: “It is not about money because money is going to win more anywhere else. Leaving he is going to charge more, that’s for sure ”. Just as he ruled out another factor that could be key when sitting down to negotiate: “It is not because he is very well in Madrid, but because he lives in Barcelona. If he was fine in Madrid, he would be there now, and he is not. Mariano has some perspectives, some ambitions…”.

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