CricketMark Boucher Acquitted Of All Racist Allegations Charges
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Cricket South Africa has withdrew all allegations of abuse, including racism, against ex player and current coach Mark Boucher. A week later, Boucher was to present his case in disciplinary action. Former wicket-keeper batsman Boucher was accused of racist behavior, due to which he could also be removed from the position of coach. Former South African cricketer Paul Adams accused him of singing racist derogatory words during team meetings and after matches.

CSA said that Adams and former South Africa assistant coach Enoch Ankwe decided not to appear at next week’s hearing, after which all the allegations appeared to be baseless. Boucher said in a statement that the allegations of racism against me are unwarranted and I am deeply hurt by this. He further added: “I welcome the decision of CSA to unreservedly withdraw all charges against me. The allegations of racism which were levelled against me were unjustified and have caused me considerable hurt and anguish.

“The last few months have been extremely difficult to endure for me and my family. I am glad that the process has finally come to an end and that CSA has accepted that the charges against me are unsustainable.”

He said that I understand that the matter is now over and do not want to make any further statement in this matter. I am focusing on my work which is to take the South Africa team to new heights. Mark Boucher was given a seven-page chargesheet by CSA in January, which also accused him of hurting the game’s reputation by causing racist behavior.

Boucher continued: “I stand by my apology to Paul given during the SJN process for the hurt he felt during his time as a Proteas player. As I stated in my affidavit to the SJN process, some of the things that were said and done in those days were totally inappropriate and unacceptable and in retrospect, understandably offensive.

“I am proud to now be part of a team culture that is inclusive and whose objective is to be respectful to every person.”

Boucher is contracted until the end of the 2023 Cricket World Cup.