English Premier LeagueMartial Backed to Become a “Number 9 Like Ronaldo”
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Dwight Yorke backs the Frenchman Anthony Martial to become the number 9 Manchester United previously had in Cristiano Ronaldo.


Martial completed the 2019/20 season as United’s top scorer. He broke the 20-goal barrier in a single season for the first time since his arrival in Old Trafford. (four years ago).

The Frenchman has been far from consistent during his time with the Red Devils. Contrarily, much of that has been down to the position he has played.

Over the past four and bit seasons, we have gotten used to seeing Martial out on the wing. Sometimes showing a turn of pace and cutting in to twist and turn.

While it has been enthralling at times, Martial hasn’t been able to deliver the goals his team has desperately needed.

Following Lukaku’s sale and Sanchez’s departure, Solskjaer was left a little short of firepower. It was therefore Martial’s time to shine which he actually has. He has been given the chance to play the leading role as the club’s main center forward in what is known as the number nine spot.

A man all too familiar with being United’s go-to-buy for goals, Dwight Yorke sees a player reminiscent of footballing legends.

The treble winner firmly backs Marital to prove himself as an out and out goal scorer. However, he insists he must be allowed to play in that position week in and week out to fulfill his potential.

He said, “a number nine is a very unique position. It’s a very rare breed and it seems like it’s gone out of the game a bit”.

“It’s a specialist position and probably the hardest position you can play. You can only get better in that position if you play week in, week out”.

“Anthony Martial is like me, Thierry Henry, maybe Wayne Rooney and even Cristiano Ronaldo. Starting on the wing, developing and improving their skills, and then get to that number nine position. That’s what Martial is doing now”.