Football NewsMason Greenwood: Assault and Attempted Rape! 
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Mason Greenwood, a football player for Manchester United, is accused of attempting to rape a woman, acting in a dominating manner, and assault. 

Following accusations revealed in pictures and videos uploaded online, the forward was detained in January. 

On Saturday, he was detained once more on suspicion of breaking his bond. 

Authorities claimed that the allegations were all related to the same female complainant. On Monday, Mr. Greenwood is scheduled to appear in court in Manchester and Salford. 

The 21-year-old, who has one appearance under his belt for the senior men’s team of England, has not participated in any games or practices with Manchester United since his arrest. 

He lost his endorsement from Nike, and Electronic Arts’ Fifa 22 game withdrew him from the active squads. 

Assault causing actual bodily harm, engaging in controlling and coercive behavior, and attempted rape were all charges that Mr. Greenwood will face, according to Janet Potter of the Crown Prosecution Service North West. 

While the alleged assault happened in December of last year, the accused rape is believed to have happened on October 22, 2021. 

The accusation of using coercive and controlling behavior applies to a time frame starting in November 2018. 

After reviewing a dossier of police evidence, Ms. Potter said, rape-specific prosecutors filed the charges. 

The Crown Prosecution Service emphasized that the defendant is still facing criminal charges and is entitled to a fair trial in her final statement. 

There must be absolutely no online reporting, criticism, or information sharing that could in any way jeopardize those processes. 

Despite the court processes, Greenwood’s football career seems to be going beyond oblivion since he is not participating in any competitive match that will showcase his immense footballing skills. Some of the United’s fans and fanatics still miss his actions on the pitch.