Football NewsMathias Pogba released from prison
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French player Paul Pogba’s brother has been released from prison, his lawyer has confirmed.


How was everything?

Mathias Pogba was arrested and charged in connection with the alleged extortion of his World Cup winning brother Paul Pogba back in September and has been in pre-trial detention ever since. The initial application for release at the time of his imprisonment was rejected. The 32-year-old’s legal representative, Yassine Bouzrou, says that Mathias Pogba has been released. Four more people are under official investigation in connection with extortion and criminal connections.

The center midfielder went to police alleging that the gang demanded £11m ($13m) from him for protection services, with Paul Pogba paying around £100,000 to save time after the player was threatened by masked thugs and armed bandits in a Parisian apartment while on international service in France.


A little about the topic

Paul Pogba’s brother, who released a series of videos on social media in which he vowed to utter a number of great revelations about Paul – including how Paul allegedly sought the help of a witch doctor to cast a spell on fellow Les Bleus colleague Mbappé – has always maintained his innocence.


What will happen after this?

Under the terms of the release, Paul Pogba’s brother is reportedly banned from contacting him or his mother, while Mathias is also banned from leaving France or using social media.