Football NewsMauricio Pochettino admits that the team is still reeling from the Champions League relegation
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Mauricio Pochettino is under pressure at Parc des Princes after seeing his team throw away the winning position against Real Madrid.


What did Mauricio Pochettino say?

The Argentine manager slammed Monaco’s Sunday defeat as unacceptable, while admitting the side is still reeling from Champions League collapse. Missing Messi, who was ruled out with flu-like symptoms, Ligue 1 leaders were played off the pitch as Monaco ran out of comfortable 3-0 winners. Paris Saint-Germain’s place at the summit is guaranteed for now, but this latest setback has increased the pressure on Mauricio in the wake of that disastrous crash at the hands of Real Madrid.

After the final whistle, Mauricio Pochettino told reporters that he was disappointed with the way they started the game. It is unacceptable. According to Pochettino, at this level of competition, you can’t start the match like they did. they may be happy to be 1-0 part-time because it could already be 2 or 3-0. It was better in the second half, they created chances there, but their first half punished them. Pochettino thinks it’s really unacceptable to start the game the way they do.

It is clear that what happened in the Champions League brought a lot of harm. The team clearly needs to get out of this. This does not give them the opportunity to express their best results. This international break should allow them to change their mentality and put them back in their place. According to Mauricio Pochettino they must return to the game with this responsibility that exists when wearing this shirt.


A little about the topic

Sunday marked Paris Saint-Germain’s third league defeat this season and they are still 13 points clear of nearest summit challengers Rennes. However, things are not rosy at the Parc des Princes, with Mbappé and Mauricio futures in particular not at all accurate. Kylian Mbappe was out of contract at the end of the season and has been closely linked with Champions League nemesis Paris Saint-Germain, although he has yet to reveal whether he will stay or leave.

Pochettino, meanwhile, was mentioned as a possible Man Utd candidate and confirmed on Saturday that he would make a decision on his future once the current term ends. He explained to reporters that in a year he sees things more clearly, he thinks that they are a better coaching team than when they arrived. They’re leading a squad they’ve never seen before and he feels like they have more knowledge and ability now, but they make an assessment at the end of the season and that’s where they decide.