Football NewsMaurizio Sarri Raises his Middle Finger to the Lazio Bench During a Brawl.
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Maurizio Sarri may face disciplinary action from the Italian football authorities after throwing the middle finger to a member of the Verona staff during a heated Serie A encounter

Despite the 2-0 vital win, Lazio manager Sarri was not totally satisfied. During the second half, he became enraged after hearing some words from the Verona dugout.

After cursing and shouting at his opponents, the 63-year-old was escorted away by an official and members of his own staff. Sarri explained in the post-match press conference that the altercation arose from a simple misunderstanding.

“I had the impression he had urged me to sit down,” he explained. “After that, we made amends and joked about it.” Sarri stated that the argument was with Verona director Francesco Marroccu and that it has since been resolved. “I’ve known him for many years; he advised me to ‘slow down,’ not’sit down,'” he explained.

Sarri joined Lazio in June 2021 after a year at Juventus. Last season, he led the Rome-based team to fifth place in Serie A, and this season, he is fighting on two fronts, with the Europa League complicating matters.

“It was a tough game,” he said after defeating Verona on DAZN. “We collected five points after eight Europa League games last season and averaged two points per game in the other fixtures.” Finally, [European games] had an impact on our season.

“It is impossible for everyone to play in Europe, never alone internationally.” Bayern [Munich] drew 2-2 with a lower-tier team (on the weekend). It’s difficult, and we made it even more difficult for ourselves last season.

“I’m pleased because it was a difficult game.” You must be patient against Verona, especially if you do not score right away. Throughout the game, they committed 24 [or] 25 fouls, while we committed about five.”

Sarri won the Europa League and 39 of his 63 games with Chelsea, however he left after only one year of his three-year contract expired in the summer of 2019. He agreed to a mutual termination with the Blues in order to join Juventus, where he lasted only one of the three years agreed upon.