Football NewsMaxi Iglesias: “Atleti has lost essence in recent years”
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Under the premise ‘In life, as in football, the important thing is to meet’, Mahou launched its latest campaign, which shows various daily encounters that take place around football and, with which, the brand wants to focus on quality meetings. In it, a Maxi Iglesias participates who, full of work, attends As to review the news of his team, Atlético.

He is the protagonist, together with Morat, of one of Mahou’s latest spots, a campaign that highlights the power of encounters between people. How was it?

It was very good, the truth is that when they proposed it to me it seemed like a very good idea to be able to go out with my friends and show what I usually do, which is to meet them to watch a football match, paddle tennis… or simply to talk. From proposing it to them, with whom I usually meet, and seeming good to them, everything became very easy. We have worked with the same ideas and the same philosophy.

Where does your passion for football come from?

When I was little I played, and it is a sport that I have always been good at, that I liked… I even had the chance to have played professionally, but acting fulfilled me more. I was leaving it aside more and more and now I have only dedicated myself to playing charity matches with different associations to give visibility to both known and rare diseases. It is one of the good things that we have, being able to use our visibility so that people know that these types of diseases and associations exist.

Where did you play?

I played in the Barrio del Pilar, they called me from Madrid when I was 16 years old and, since I was from Atleti, I let it go (laughs). At that time I wanted to play and I knew that at Madrid, no matter how good you were, if you didn’t have a certain name or a family contact, you didn’t play. He had the experience of other peers. In the end, ‘Physics or Chemistry’ came to me, and I said: “what I like is this”.