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The Italian needs to decide in Paris between Valverde and Rodrygo. “Both of them will play,” said Carletto in Cadiz … but he did not specify that it would be as starters.

The situation

He has just over ten days to make a decision that could be decisive in the final in Paris. Right now Ancelotti has twelve starters, ahead of the rest, but he cannot logically start all of them against Liverpool . The Italian contributed to the mystery in Cadiz, after the 1-1 on the penultimate league matchday. Valverde and Rodrygo starters at the Stade de France? “Maybe yes, maybe not ,” was the transalpine’s response. A game of shadows by the Madrid coach, because in the post-match against Levante his apparent speech was different. “Fede and Rodrygo are going to play the final “, Carletto confirmed . But of course, he had a trick. He did not specify if both will play at the start. Because right now, the only option for both of them to enter from the initial whistle is to do without Kroos, something that has not happened without injury or rotation throughout the season but that is not unreasonable given Ancelotti’s tendency to replace almost out of habit into German . He did it significantly in the three European comebacks of this Champions League for history. Against PSG he went to the bench in the 57th minute, against Chelsea in the 73rd minute and against City in the 68th minute.The duels against the English, by the way, went into extra time, so Kroos barely played roughly half of those second-leg matches that made Real Madrid mad. Although Ancelotti hides behind the fact that his system is a 4-3-3 that changes depending on the needs of the match to a 4-4-2, those systems are defined by the players he lines up.

Rodrygo, a golden bullet

But if the sacrifice is Rodrygo, the decision is not easy either. He has been the last to oppose the starter, perhaps for this reason he could return to a substitute role, but with a view to him having a revulsive role similar to the one in the second leg against Chelsea in the quarterfinals . The bullet to refresh the white attack and multiply the danger in the second half.