Football NewsMbappe is regaining confidence in the PSG dressing room
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Since October 3, Kylian Mbappe has shown frightening results. The French international scores a goal every 59 minutes and became the leader of the French team in attack, and also leads PSG, who subordinates all their victories to the talent of the former Monaco player, after a difficult summer, the striker regained his confidence in the locker room.

Mbappe and his situation 

After missing a penalty kick against Switzerland in the second round of the European Championship and PSG’s refusal to sell it to Real, Mbappe lost weight in the PSG dressing room. Players like Neymar didn’t understand Bondi’s decision to leave the French capital following Messi’s signing,  which we believed could undermine the player’s confidence, having the opposite effect on his game than they might have expected. several of his comrades. The arrival of Achraf, with whom he befriended, and Pochettino’s bond with the player were several reasons that made Mbappe regain the confidence he had lost in the locker room this summer. The player worked very hard to regain his technical and physical characteristics, in addition to putting himself at the service of all his teammates. It’s quite obvious that Mbappe is quite fitting with PSG, even though his dream team is Real Madrid, it seems like he will be staying at PSG for a short term. 

Kylian Mbappe’s future

To put it shortly, He is the one who accurately analyzes the role of each player on the field. He understood better that in order for them to be at his disposal, he must put himself at the service of others. He is an outstanding player and we all hope that he will be in a place where he can shine and rise as a player. Only time will show us how many times better Mbappe can be, he will probably move teams but we can only speculate where or when he will move, but in reality it’s all up to Kylian Mbappe and nobody else to decide whether or not a move will be made.