Football NewsMbappe returns to lead PSG victory
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The Parisian team beat the weak Monaco comfortably in a good team play. Bondi with a double became the best player of the match again. PSG have turned Ligue 1 into a farmhouse that they win easily, even though it’s half the throttle. This is the law that the Parisian team introduced in the French championship, which they already won in December, and finished second by 13 points.

Mbappe’s returnal

Pochettino’s charges beat Monaco 2-0 in another detailed match, which, as almost always this season, tipped the scales in PSG’s favor. Mbappe with a double, revealing himself more and more with Messi, was the great star of the match, receiving a deafening ovation on each of the two goals just twenty days before he could freely negotiate with the team he wanted. Without much news, but with Donnarumma’s third star in the last four games (although it doesn’t matter, what the Italian played in two games since Linz’s announcement could be interpreted as overtaking him for the title), PSG was keen to make up for against AS Monaco, a team that won both games last season and were slightly ahead of Paris in the standings. We don’t know if Pochettino made a pact with the devil this season in Paris, but the coach’s luck at critical moments is not accidental. If the Argentine has won most of his games in stoppage time this season, then add the clubs that are always in his favor. 

Future of Mbappe 

We are pretty sure that Kylian Mbappe will go on to become a Real Madrid player, his dream team where he always wanted to play in, the only thing we have to do at this point is to wait and see what Mbappe will decide to do in his future, time will show what Kylian Mbappe will decide to do with his potential in his peak of career.