CricketMCC Recommends Key Changes to Improve Cricket Quality and Support Smaller Nations
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The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the guardian of cricket’s laws, has proposed several recommendations aimed at improving the quality of the game and providing support to smaller cricketing nations.

These suggestions include limiting the number of one-day internationals (ODIs) after the 2027 World Cup, establishing a fund to assist smaller nations in playing test cricket, and directing more financial resources towards women’s cricket.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the MCC highlighted the need to increase the quality of ODI cricket by creating a scarcity of matches. They proposed removing bilateral ODIs, except for the year leading up to each World Cup, which would free up space in the crowded global cricketing calendar. However, these changes can only be implemented after the current 2023-2027 cycle.

While the MCC’s World Cricket Committee (WCC) panel acknowledged the positive impact of increased financial investment in cricket, they expressed concern about the financial disparities among member nations. They particularly emphasized the need to support test cricket outside the dominant countries of India, Australia, and England, stating that the survival of the format was at stake.

Justin Langer and Graeme Smith during the MCC meeting

To address this issue, the committee suggested conducting a financial audit to evaluate the operational costs versus the commercial returns of hosting men’s test match cricket. This audit would help the International Cricket Council (ICC) identify nations requiring support to sustain their test match programs. The committee further recommended the establishment of a separate test fund to protect the sanctity of test cricket and ensure its longevity.

Recognizing the growth and potential of women’s cricket, the MCC also proposed the creation of a strategic fund to aid the development of the women’s game. This move aligns with the global push to elevate women’s cricket and provide equal opportunities for female players.

Mike Gatting, chairman of the WCC panel, emphasized the urgency of taking immediate action to transform and safeguard the game of cricket by bringing up diversity to the game. He stated:

“The WCC firmly believes that if we are to protect the game of cricket as a whole, immediate action must be taken to bring about significant transformation in the sport.”

Gatting, a former England captain, called for a reset in the global game to address the challenges and ensure a sustainable future for cricket.

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The MCC’s recommendations serve as a call to action for the cricketing community to work together in addressing key issues facing the sport. By improving the quality of ODIs, providing financial support to smaller nations for test cricket, and prioritizing the growth of women’s cricket, cricket authorities can create a more balanced and sustainable future for the game.

These proposed changes, if implemented effectively, have the potential to enhance the overall quality and competitiveness of cricket while promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities for all players.