Football NewsMendes asked Jose Mourinho to play a James Bond villain
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Sam Mendes, director of Specter and Skyfall, approached Portuguese football manager Jose Mourinho to play the villain from James Bond.


How was everything?

Often the villain-pantomime on the sidelines of the Portuguese manager inclines to make the great antagonist of James Bond, the legendary director Sam Mendes. Many talented actors have previously turned their hand to the role, such as Donald Pleasence, Rami Malek, and Sam suggested that Jose Mourinho might join the list.


What did Mendes say about Jose Mourinho?

Asked who would make the great James Bond villain, legendary director Sam Mendes replied: “Jose Mourinho. Can’t you be better than you can be?


A little about the topic

Jose is not one to shy away from conflict, having been involved in some of the most notorious sensory hacks of the Premier League era. The Portuguese’s sassy smile and slightly inflated ego gives him all the qualities a great James Bond villain needs, and you can see why the legendary director recommended him!

It doesn’t look like Jose Mourinho will turn his hand to action at any time once the Portuguese is busy trying to secure European football for Roma next season. Roma are yet to return to the league after the World Cup with their next match against Bologna on 4 January.