Football NewsMess in sight with Araujo
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The situation 

FC Barcelona follows with great concern all the news surrounding Ronald Araújo lately . The Uruguayan central defender, who continues with his recovery process with the Uruguayan team doctors, has not yet completed two months since he underwent surgery on the adductor longus of his right leg, and he is already working out on the pitch and doing exercises with increasing loads. Under the supervision of a FC Barcelona recoverer, Chechu Pérez, the feeling that exists in the Blaugrana entity is that both the player and the coach Diego Alonso are going to force their return to reach the World Cup as soon as possible. Barcelona and Uruguay reached a tacit agreement whereby Araújo would not yet play in the group stage, awaiting his return for the direct qualifiers , especially considering that on September 28 he underwent surgery in Finland. with an initial prognosis between two and a half to three months. Hence, in the conversations that the club had with Diego Alonso, a gentlemen’s agreement was reached that the player would not force his return and that it would not be until after the group stage that his return would be considered. However, the latest events make us fear the worst within the club, especially after verifying the intensification of work in recent days, where Araújo has already carried out part of the training sessions with the group. 

The details 

Although the match against Korea, on November 24, could be very fair, there is the possibility that against Portugal, four days later, the Uruguayan international will reappear, when only two months have passed since his operation, cutting more two weeks the estimated minimum time. If this surprising deadline cut finally occurs, Barcelona, ​​through its football director, Mateu Alemany, will demand an explanation from the Uruguayan Football Federation, since the initial agreement will have been significantly distorted. Araújo has reassured the club , assuring that he is not going to rush and that he more than anyone else knows what is being played, so that at no time will he harm the interests of the club. And it is that in the blaugrana entity it is considered that the risk of relapse is very high in the case of advancing his rehabilitation so many days, especially taking into account the type of injury and the history of the central defender, who was injured 24 seconds into the friendly that Uruguay was playing against Iran.