Football NewsMessi… ‘Two of mine!’
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The situation 

Messi jumped alone with De Paul on the grass of Qatar University, in Doha. Behind it did the rest of the components of Argentina. The Qatari sun was squeezing, the temperature was close to 30 degrees. I do not care. Hours after achieving a very important victory against Mexico, the Albiceleste regained her smile and calm, although she still has the noose around her neck. The only result that classifies them for the round of 16, in fact, is the victory on Wednesday against Poland. Argentina, and Leo, are relieved to save the first of the finals. There is another. That is the message that the captain wanted to convey after the game and towards his teammates. A rough match was won and another equally tough one awaits. The World Cup is like that. In any case, his happiness, shared with his entire family, who is in Qatar following him, could be seen in the first training session with which to prepare for the duel against Poland. The best news is that he is physically fine, as could be seen in several sprints against Mexico. No problem. “Two Mine!”, headlined Olé, alluding to the two goals and the figure of Messi, who is considered a God for Argentines. His performance, even on a discreet general day, is decisive. His saving goal when the team threatened to panic raised a team with many doubts. Messi returned to problems of the past. According to statistics, the Argentine crack received 23 times! between zones 1 and 2 of the field, that is, between defense and attack. The best thing about the data is that he did it more in the second part (14) than in the first (9). Messi scored, assisted, received 5 fouls, made 3 passes and overcame 1 ‘tackle’.

The details 

He assumed responsibility and took the reins in search of a transcendental victory, although in a position that does not empower him. Too far back to do any damage, far from the zone of action in which he is decisive. Guido was a fiasco when it came to developing the game, just as Paredes had been on the first day. Only the entry of Enzo Fernández pushed Messi towards his most decisive area. There he was able to receive in the play of the goal that unblocked Argentina. A revitalizing triumph, but one that does not hide the problems. Argentina dreams of Messi. Messi is Argentine.