Football NewsMijatovic – Gareth Bale gave up fighting for Madrid
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Gareth Bale is ready to join Tottenham. London Club is happy to sign Bale on loan for one season. As the rumors say, Gareth will get a yearly salary from Tottenham and Real Madrid will cover the bonuses. Bale is indeed a very pricey player and that’s why Madrid could not sell him in the last two years.


Bale gave up?

Mijatovic, the sporting director of Madrid said that Bale gave up fighting. Former striker of Madrid believes that Gareth was very good in his first four years at the club. Unfortunately for the fans, Bale gave up. Mijatovic believes that Bale and Zidane have a very bad relationship. After letting him go, Los Blancos won’t have any headache this season. Mijatovic says that Zidane is a big fan of a very close team. Bale was one big spot that the squad was not healthy. After leaving the team, Real Madrid will have only the players that have a healthy relationship with the manager, Zidane. Sporting director said that hopefully Bale can talk about these two years and why he got a nervous connection with Zizou.

Welshman’s agent confirmed the transfer

Gareth Bale’s agent said that everything is ready for Tottenham. Bale is very happy with the decision and fans in London are waiting for him. Rumors suggest that Tottenham will cover the transfer fee and salary. Real Madrid wants to finalize the transfer by the end of the friday. Rumor says that a Welshman will travel to London on Friday morning. 

Real Madrid shop already stopped selling the N11 shirt of Bale. It means that Bale’s era at Real Madrid has come to an end. Experts believe that although Bale is going on loan, he won’t return to Madrid anymore. Gareth loves Madrid and people but can’t find himself at the team after a fantastic career there.