Spanish La Liga NewsMijatovic: “I have the feeling that something is up”
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Before the Cup match against Barça, rumors of Real Madrid and their bench soared to see themselves 12 points behind the leader in LaLiga and with the team leaving no good feelings. Ancelotti himself acknowledged that he has an offer to coach Brazil, which sparked all kinds of speculation. The former Real Madrid player, Mijatovic , through the microphones of El Larguero of Cadena SER, wanted to review the current situation of the white team and specifically the situation of Ancelotti. “ I have the feeling that something is happening and that Carletto is not as happy as he was a couple of months ago.

Opinions of Real Madrid’s legendary player

I would like it to be there another year. You have to understand that Real Madrid is a very complicated club, it always depends on whether or not you win the important titles. He has to be calm because the people and the players love him a lot, ”assured the also former sports director. Mijatovic also had time to review the Clásico butler that took Madrid to the final after a historic win at the Camp Nou: “ I really enjoyed the great game. What personality, what character of this team . This team grows with a goal. As soon as he detects a small weakness in the opposing team, he picks up the pace, puts up a gear and practically wipes out . They did a perfect second part. They had to show that they can still compete and well and that this team is still hungry and wants to have a spectacular year. They’re close, they’re on it.”The former player assured that Modric should continue at Real Madrid for one more season: “ I see him motivated, as if he hadn’t won anything here in these 10 years , as if he were saying, ‘this season I have to win something because I haven’t won anything’. I think he will renew, he will stay for another year. I don’t think there will be many problems , I think the club knows that Luka wants to stay and I think that in the end he will stay”.

Something is wrong

Mijatovic assured Vinicius that his rivals are afraid of him: “ His performance is spectacular, I think he is the most fearsome player right now in Europe. That’s why they provoke him. He still falls into those traps, I think he loses a lot of energy fighting the other team’s players . He has bad gestures towards the referees, but I think that can be worked on” the ex-madridista ended up saying.