Football NewsMikel Arteta believes Arsenal had to retreat a bit to move forward
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Mikel Arteta believes that his side is starting to go in the right direction, while laying the foundations for future success.


Arsenal suffered a major setback

The Spaniard argues that The Gunners had to go back a bit under him to establish forward momentum, with significant summer spending at Emirates Stadium helping to lay the foundations on which future success can be built. Arsenal have suffered some serious block misses this season, not hitting points or scoring goals through their starting three Premier League fixtures.

As a result, pressure began to build on Mikel Arteta, especially with a record £ 145m investment in the last transfer window, but that changed with three consecutive wins – including a notable success in the derby against Tottenham – and the Arsenal boss believes that there is reason for optimism in north London.


What did Mikel Arteta say?

About a long-term project that he continues to oversee Mikel Arteta said that momentum boils down to confidence, it boils down to believing in what they are doing and really feeling it, and trying to embrace it and add something every week, making sure the steps forward.

In every project that is impossible to complete every week, and sometimes they have to go back a little to go forward. they must realize this and not lose perspective. According to Mikel Arteta, the changes they made this summer were probably the most significant they have made since Arteta was here. Now they are beginning to realize that they are all on the same page.

Any project needs the right foundations and now they have clarity on what they want to do. They start to have some stability. Mikel Arteta also said that they must start unity, which is a big part of it. When this happens, the better the decision, everything is more calm and settled, and everything starts to happen.