English Premier LeagueMikel Arteta succeeds Unai Emery in Arsenal
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The new Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta says he must change the “energy” at the club. He feels Arsenal has lost their way since he left after retiring as a player in 2016.


Arteta, 37, has signed a three-and-a-half-year contract. He has succeeded Unai Emery who was sacked in November.

The former Arsenal captain serves as an assistant coach at Manchester City but has never managed.

“I have so much respect for this club. If I don’t feel I am ready and prepared for this I wouldn’t be sitting in this chair.” Said Arteta.

“It was always a dream for me. The day I decided to leave this football club I said to the people that I am going outside. I am going to learn, get prepared and hopefully one day I can come back here when I feel I am ready.”

“I have been preparing for a few years for this challenge to come. I’m aware of the expectations, level and stature of this club and what it deserves. I am ready for that challenge.”

“They were so convinced they wanted me that I said I have to take the challenge.”

Number one priority-energy

The Spaniard will take charge of the club from Sunday leaving interim Freddie Ljungberg in charge of the trip in Everton.

Arsenal is 10th in the Premier League title race following a home defeat by City last Sunday.

“The first thing is to change the energy. Last week I was here and felt a bit down. I have to get all the staff and everyone with the same mindset.”

“We have to build the right culture. It’s my job to convince everybody that this is how we are going to live.”

“Now we need immediate impact, to win games, raise the level of confidence and we need the fans. We need to engage them, transmit with our behaviors what we want to give to this club. We need to plug these two things together as it’s so powerful.”

Tears when leaving City

Arteta said he “cried” when he said farewell to colleagues at City. He thereafter stressed he needs a “proper conversation” with Ljungberg over his own future.

When he tales over Arsenal for the Boxing Day fixture at Bournemouth, Arteta will become Arsenal’s youngest manager since Terry Neill who was 34 when he led the Gunners in 1976.

When asked if the club had lost its way in recent seasons, Arteta answered, “That’s what I am sensing from the outside. I would like to start to understand the reasons why. I have to try to understand quickly why this is to implement certain things that will be quick wins. We have to create the right vibe”

“The ambition of this club is clear. You have to be in Europe and fight for the trophies. The rest is not good enough.”

“I want people who delver energy and passion to the club. Anyone who doesn’t buy into this has a negative effect or whatever, is not good enough for this environment and culture.”