Football NewsMikel Arteta talks about Emile Smith Rowe’s injury
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The Arsenal manager has admitted he is concerned about the ongoing injury problems that have plagued the last year of English player Emile Smith Rowe’s career.


A little about the topic

After a superb start to the 2021-22 season, in which the English attacking midfielder scored nine times in 19 games and earned his first England call-up, an ongoing groin problem saw him struggle to maintain impressive form and the player succumbed to Martinelli’s starting XI. Emile Smith Rowe has not started this season and is set to miss Sunday’s game at Brentford after recurring a groin injury during the warm-up after losing to the Red Devils this month.


What did Mikel Arteta say about Emile Smith Rowe?

Speaking of the English attacking midfielder’s attempts to stay in shape, the Arsenal head coach said he is troubled by the fact they don’t have him available and when Emile Smith Rowe tries to train he doesn’t feel 100% pain free. According to Mikel Arteta, this is the main problem. They must find a solution, and they feed on doing it.

When asked how Emile finds the situation, the Spanish manager added that it was very disappointing. According to Arteta, Emile Smith Rowe is a kid who loves to play football and that’s the biggest thing in his life, and when they’re not capable of it, especially after the games and performances he had with them a year ago, it’s hard.

But injuries are part of football. They will receive them at this stage of their career. It’s how they’re going to face those difficult moments and then how they’re going to take the next step. According to Mikel, they have to go through with it. The Gunners’ manager says it’s their responsibility to manage him in the best possible way, surround him with the right habits and also with the right people around him to support everything he needs to play consistently at that level.