Football NewsMikel Arteta talks about the Arsenal-Tottenham game
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Arsenal suffered from psychological errors against Tottenham on Thursday.


What did Mikel Arteta say?

With a chance to secure a spot in next year’s Champions League, the Gunners suffered a self-detonation against Spurs on Thursday, conceding an early penalty and dropping to 10 men within 33 minutes. Cedric was tried for fouling Heung Min in boxing in the 21st minute – a decision Arsenal vehemently disagreed with – before Ron Holding received a second yellow card in the 33rd minute. Spurs took a two-goal lead and extended their lead over the visitors in the second half to win 3-0.

Arsenal went 1-0 down when Kane reincarnated from Piglet, but they were unhappy with the penalty decision. Mikel Arteta said that if he said what he thought, he would be suspended for six months. Arteta doesn’t know how to lie, so he prefers not to say what he thinks. Mikel is not dissatisfied with his players. The Spanish manager is proud of his players. Arteta wants the referees to come in front of the camera and explain his decisions. According to Mikel Arteta, it’s a shame because such a beautiful game was destroyed today.

Mikel Arteta said it didn’t make sense to take the risk of bringing in center Ben White. According to the Spaniard, their focus is Newcastle. This game is history. He felt something, so he hopes White will be good and Gabriel will recover as they don’t have enough players in the back.

This game is history. Now it’s Newcastle. It’s gone. It has come out of their hands and they must accept it. Now they should be the team they saw from the start. They lose a football match in the conditions in which they lost them. It hurts. But they have a huge match on Monday, so they will try to beat them. Mikel says they have two games to play. It is in their hands, and now they have to do their job. They showed up from the start in this game.


A little about the topic

The Gunners are trying to make the Champions League for the first time since 2016-17 and they could have completed that feat on Thursday with a win. However, their celebrations have now been put on hold until at least next week, with Spurs now only one point behind Arsenal for fourth place with two games to go.