Football NewsMikel Arteta: “The only incident to be reported”
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Arsenal’s third straight win in the Premier League was accompanied by serious accusations against the home support member.


What did Mikel Arteta say?

The Premier League will investigate allegations that members of the Gunners’ bench were racially assaulted by a Leeds United supporter on Elland Road. Leeds United suffered their second heavy defeat in space in less than a week as they descended 4-1 to the Gunners, taking Man City 7-0 on Tuesday. At the end of the game, the Gunners’ manager Mikel Arteta spoke about the alleged incident, stressing that the sole fan is responsible.

After the final whistle, the manager explained what had been reported and the stadium manager would have to deal with it for the authorities. Very disappointed because they did so much in football to try and avoid it, but this is the only person. Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta thinks it deserves a full stadium to pay the price.

According to Mike Arteta, this was the only incident that needs to be reported. It was reported that the authorities will now have to work with the clubs to understand what happened. Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa said it was incredible that you ask him this question, what can he answer you? According to Marcelo Bielsa, of course, he is against all acts of discrimination.


A little about the topic

Saturday’s Triumph, the only Premier League game played due to a cancellation elsewhere, extended the Gunners’ winning streak to three matches. During that period, the Gunners hit back nine goals and conceded only once, and now occupy the fourth place and the place of the Champions League qualification.

Leeds United, meanwhile, remain just above the relegation zone, five points away from Burnley in 18th, playing three games more than the Clarets. However, the actions on the ground were somewhat overshadowed by the alleged incident by the tanker.