Football NewsMino Raiola is not sure if Haaland leaves Germany in summer
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The Norwegian’s representative clarifies his words. “He will go to one of the top 15 clubs in Europe.”


Top-tier clubs have interest

The four clubs that I mentioned about Haaland’s future were just one example to say that when he leaves Borussia Dortmund, he will go to one of the top 15 clubs in Europe,” Raiola says. The superagent also wants to clarify in AS that Haaland has not yet decided on its future in any case. What’s more, as this newspaper has already published, it is not ruled out that he will reach an agreement with Borussia to continue one more season and then leave. There is nothing decided regarding the future of the Norwegian and it is something that will only be discussed at the end of this season.


Erling is fully focused on Bundesliga and Europa League

Now, Erling is only focused on football, on having a good season with Borussia, as happened last season. There is no negotiation with any club. And I reaffirm what I have already said, it is not something for sure that he is going to leave Borussia this summer, it may also happen a year later”, the agent says. However, there are doubts that there may be some loophole in your contract whereby this clause could be activated depending on a situation that has not yet transpired. For next summer, there are three world-class forwards who will be on the market. They are Haaland himself, Lewandowski, who wants to go out and also awaits his opportunity to wear white , and Kane, from Tottenham. PSG, Manchester City and United will be looking for a great striker in the next market, butMadrid, both in the case of Haaland and Lewandowski, will have a lot to say. Los Blancos are also interested in the player but Kylian Mbappe could be on the road against him. Two players may not be compatible together.