Football NewsModric’s substitute is in danger
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The situation 

The race to seize the services of Jude Bellingham is red hot. The latest suitor for the English midfielder is Chelsea . According to The Sun , the new owner of the ‘blues’ is willing to offer up to 113 million euros to take over the services of the jewel of Dortmund. Along with the London club, other suitors such as Liverpool, Manchester United or Real Madrid, are the top favorites to take one of the English footballers with the most projection in the future. The Madrid entity set its sights on Jude so that he could be the generational replacement for Luka Modric. With Bellingham , the club would close the plan to renew its midfield for the next few years. Tchouameni , recent signing, is the pivot of the future; Bellingham would be one of his squires and at the other vertex of the triangle, Camavinga or Valverde, that is, three footballers who would mark the future of the white midfield.

A safe value

If at the Bernabéu they believe that he is the perfect substitute for the Croatian, Olocip , the leading company in Artificial Intelligence within the world of football, ‘thinks’ in a similar way : in the hypothetical case that the arrival of the Englishman at the merengue club is confirmed, Borussia’s ’22’ would be better than 85% of the players who will live in the Spanish League. The AI ​​anticipates that the possible signing of Bellingham offers Madrid greater offensive potential and game production (due to its verticality and aggressiveness). In addition, Jude would improve his conditions in the construction of the game with an average of 53 passes per game and would surpass Modric in goals and assists. If we talk about the defensive aspect , Olocip intuits that he will achieve up to 10 defensive actions per game , so Bellingham would become a true 4×4 that would roam the Paseo de la Castellana.