Football NewsMohamed Salah did not expect to reach seventh place
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Mohamed Salah did not expect to come in seventh place in the voting for the prestigious honor.


A little about the topic

The Liverpool player said he was shocked by the results of the 2021 Ballon d’Or voting when he finished in seventh place, saying no one in the world expected him to be so low in the final tally. However, Forward claims he’s already done enough in his career to kill the feeling of a fait accompli. The Egyptian reached the African Cup of Nations final this year and is once again leading Liverpool in a tough pursuit for the PL title.


What did Mohamed Salah say?

Mohamed Salah said it shocked him no better in the Ballon d’Or vote, but he couldn’t say anything. No one in the world expected Salah to be the seventh, but it happened. Without making FIFA World XI, the Egyptian footballer said that Salah does not feel like a conspiracy theory, but there may be an inaccurate choice and there are many countries that are not popular with football lore and so far from it. Mohamed doesn’t know their choice based on what, but he doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories.

According to Mohamed Salah, he does not feel that there is something personal against him specifically in the choice of FIFA, but this is the reality that they are dealing with. Mohamed also discussed how grateful he has been for many things in his career. Salah said there are no words to describe how he feels about people’s positive comments about him or be a reason for their hope. according to Mohamed today, if he were to die, it would be after achieving many of the things he wanted to achieve.

People don’t understand how happy he is when he comes to play for the national team, it is an honor for him to wear the national team jersey. The most important match Mohamed Salah played in his life was the World Cup 2018 qualifier against Congo, his happiness after the winning goal was indescribable.