Football NewsMoises Caicedo wants to leave Brighton
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Brighton midfielder Moises Caicedo has released a statement confirming his desire to leave the Seagulls amid interest from the Gunners and the Blues.


What did Moises Caicedo say?

Amid rumors that the Gunners put up a £60 million ($74 million) bid for Moises, the player posted a message confirming his desire to leave the Seagulls. Moises Caicedo has declared his desire to be Ecuador’s most successful player in history, as well as bring in a record fee for the club with his transfer.

The midfielder’s statement read: “I am grateful to the club owner Mr Tony Bloom and Brighton for giving me the chance to come to PL and I feel like I have always done my best for them. I always play football with a smile and heart.

“I am the youngest of 10 poor siblings in Santa Domingo, Ecuador. My dream is always to be the most decorated player in the history of Ecuador. “I’m proud to be able to bring in a record transfer fee for the Seagulls that would allow them to reinvest it and help the club continue to be successful. “The fans have taken me into their hearts and they will always be in my heart, so I hope they can understand why I want to take advantage of this great opportunity.”


A little about the topic

Brighton have already had to move for one of their star players in this transfer window, with Trossard joining the Gunners. Moises has been attracting huge interest over the past six months from many clubs and he looks to be trying to get moving before next week’s deadline. The Brighton manager suggested he thought Moises Caicedo would be in the right mind to face the Reds on Sunday in the FA Cup but that may have all changed after that announcement.


Moises Caicedo is attracting interest from the Gunners and the Blues who are reportedly trying to sign him before the end of the transfer window.


How was everything?

Premier League leaders the Gunners and the Blues are set to challenge him for another emerging talent at no cost as both look to add the player to their squads by the end of January. The Brighton player appears to be desperate for a move and there is information that he is willing to serve a transfer request to force the move.

The Gunners have seen a £60m bid while the Blues have been following Moises Caicedo for the last month. The Seagulls don’t feel they need to sell a player who is invaluable to the way they play and is holding on for at least £80m. The Gunners have already seen their number one target, the Mudryk target for the Blues this winter and may not want the same thing to happen again, meaning we could be around the two clubs for an exciting few days.

Brighton head coach said he hoped Moises Caicedo would stay until the end of the season. “He is only focused on the Seagulls. I understand that he has a chance to move to a very big team, but I hope he can stay with us until the end of the season,” said Roberto De Zerbi. “I believe this is the best decision for him and for us.”