Football NewsMonchengladbach loses chance to dominate against Leipzig
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Monchengladbach had a tough away match against Schalke. Unfortunately for fans, Monchengladbach lost the away match conceding two goals from Schalke.


Chance to take over the Leipzig

As you may know, Leipzig is the leader of the Bundesliga. Monchengladbach has only 35 points, while Leipzig has 37 points. Yesterday was a crucial away match for Monchengladbach, but the team could not come up with three points.

Pre-match preparations

In a first-round match, Monchengladbach also lost points against Schalke. During the home match, Monchengladbach could not score a goal, and the game ended in a goalless draw. At the same time, Rose’s team had problems with the squad. As you may know, Elvedi and Mayer have injuries. Elvedi won’t be able to help the team because of a neck injury. Mayer has a knee injury, and the medical team hopes for a short recovery.

At the same time, Schalke could not get help from Stambouli, Harit, and Sane. Stambouli has a foot injury, and Harit has a thigh injury. Fortunately, Wagner could choose the perfect starting line-up so that the team could defeat Monchengladbach.

1st half of the match

Schalke’s coach decided to start with five midfielders and control the ball. The only forward from Schalke was Raman, who had all the hopes to score a goal from stadium fans.

Monchengladbach started playing with three attacking players. Rose wanted to get an important away win, but three attacking players were not enough. Schalke could easily control the ball with five midfielders and scored two goals in the second half.


2nd half of the match

Schalke decided the outcome of the game in 15 minutes. As it seems, Schalke’s coach was motivating enough, and players did everything on the field. We saw the first goal on the 48th minute from Serdar. It was assistance from Gregoritsch, and Sardar scored the goal. Another goal happened in the 58th minute when Gregoritsch scored a goal. He gave an assist in the 48th minute and scored on 58th minute.

Rose did everything to change the strategy and come up with two goals, but the players could not change anything. Monchengladbach lost a perfect chance to take over the Bundesliga’s standings.