Football NewsMorgan believes Cristiano Ronaldo advantage over Messi
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British journalist continues to attack Lionel Messi to praise Cristiano Ronaldo


A little about the topic

One of the people most hurt and trolled for Cristiano Ronaldo‘s decision to play in Saudi Arabia is British journalist Piers Morgan. Just months before his big decision, Cristiano Ronaldo gave an interview to a journalist and said that his next destination would not be about money. Piers was sure that he would play for one of the best teams in Europe, but he was wrong.

So much trolling stemmed from that interview that Piers wanted to defend himself somehow. However, the famous host always seems to swipe Lionel Messi when he wants to praise Cristiano Ronaldo. Proving that Messi can have an inferiority complex that he could never shake.


What did Piers Morgan say?

During an interview with Tatler, this is exactly what a British journalist said: “Thanks to the omission from our interview, Cristiano Ronaldo signed the biggest transfer deal in football history, and is now the highest paid athlete in the world, at the age of 37.

Ronaldo is also doing what he has done for his entire career and that for me gives him an edge over Lionel and that challenges himself in a new country and a new league at a time when football in the Middle East is really taking off, as we saw at the World Cup in Qatar where Morocco reached the semi-finals and Saudi Arabia beat the eventual winners, Messi’s Argentina.”