Football NewsMorgan says many lies have been spread about Cristiano Ronaldo
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TV presenter Piers Morgan spoke out in defense of Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo.


How was everything?

The Portuguese international could move to Saudi Arabia’s Al Nassr. The Portuguese publication reported that Cristiano Ronaldo threatened to leave the Portuguese national team after the player was not included in the starting lineup of the national team against Switzerland in the 1/8 finals of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.


What did Morgan say about Cristiano Ronaldo?

The British TV presenter tweeted that it was all a lie, that Cristiano had signed a contract with a club from Saudi Arabia and that Cristiano insulted fans and teammates after Portugal’s match with Switzerland. According to Piers Morgan, it is also a lie that Cristiano threatened to leave the World Cup after the manager did not release him in the starting lineup. Morgan says it’s no wonder Cristiano Ronaldo has such a bad opinion of the media.


A British journalist called the manager of the Red Devils a clown

Piers Morgan, who took a scandalous interview with the Portuguese, reacted to the words of the coach from the Netherlands, who commented on the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from the team. The Red Devils head coach said he thinks it was pretty clear after the interview that Cristiano Ronaldo should go.

The manager believes that they should not have discussed this, everything was very clear. Also Erik ten Hag added that when Ronaldo is in good shape he is a good player and Cristiano could help them reach their goals. According to him, it is obvious, but he was not in good shape.

When Ronaldo is in good shape, he is a good player. Piers wrote with irony, it’s hard to imagine why Ronaldo felt that this clown did not show him respect, right? According to Cristiano Ronaldo, he does not respect ten Hag because Erik does not show respect for him.