Football NewsMoroccan girl goes viral after making fun of Cristiano Ronaldo
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The Portuguese’s tears on the pitch at Al Thumama Stadium after Portugal’s elimination against Morocco in the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup were seen around the world.


A little about the topic

They were bullied by many, including a Moroccan girl who went viral for it. The Moroccan girl made a statement mocking the elimination of Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo. The girl said, “Portugal, the airport is over there. Where is Ronaldo? He cries in the car. Poor Ronaldo.”


What happened after that?

Some time after that, the girl’s mother had to make a post on social media due to the bullying her daughter has since been subjected to. Those who are parents can perfectly understand this mother who cares about her daughter’s mental health. She posted that she is the mother of the girl who became famous because of the Cristiano Ronaldo video. According to her, she just wants to say that now his daughter is going through a very difficult psychological state, to the point that she refuses to eat or speak because of these comments.

She did not realize at the time the damage that could be done to her daughter through social networks. The girl’s mother continued and said that she assures everyone that her daughter did not want to insult Ronaldo because she knows nothing about football. She simply repeated what she heard around her. She is nine years old and just wanted to express her joy, but unfortunately she has become a victim of social media.

For this reason, a Moroccan girl has launched an appeal to end the abuse suffered by her family. The girl said that she apologizes to all Cristiano Ronaldo fans for what happened, she is dealing with her mental health and she asks that consider her your little sister and forgive.