English Premier LeagueMourinho vs Conte over Eriksen: The Feud
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Jose Mourinho reignites his feud with Antonio Conte over Christian Eriksen who has been linked with Inter Milan.


It is not the first time for Mourinho and Conte to engage in a tense relationship. The two were in bad terms when Mourinho was in charge of United and Conte was the Chelsea boss.

It all began during the 2017/18 season. it reached a pick where Mourinho said he would never be “suspended for match-fixing.” This he referred to Conte’s four-month ban for failing to report alleged match-fixing when he managed Juventus. He (Conte) was labeled a “clown.”

In response, Conte called his counterpart “a little man.”

In this season also, the 2017/18 history is on repeat with the backbone of the feud being Christian Eriksen.

Eriksen will be out of contract in the summer. However, reports state he is set to move to the Serie A side where he has been linked with Inter Milan.

“I think Antonio has said everything about Eriksen publicly.” Said Mourinho.

“I think we coaches should all behave in the same way in relation to transfers. We should always be closed until something happens.”

“So when you ask about player A, B or C, like when I asked about three players, how can I speak about three players that are not my players?”

“I think we should always be protective. Nothing, nothing. When I see people with responsibilities speaking about Eriksen.”

“I think we shouldn’t speak about players from other clubs until they become our players.”

Speaking to the Italian media, Antonio Conte responded to Mourinho’s feuds. He said, “Eriksen? We have to go to people who have already had a career, who are at the end of their contract.”

According to Mourinho, his club has not received a transfer bid for Eriksen. In this case, the midfielder will play against Watford on Saturday.