CricketNasser Hussain Explicitly States That England Should Have Played Bangladesh With More Respect, After Unwanted 3-0 Whitewash
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England have faced one of the most scrotching defeats of their entire T20 career, being whitewashed against Bangladesh is just beyond expectations. No disrespect to Bangladesh cricket, they were the deserving winners but England have let down themselves. England vs Bangladesh

Chasing 158 in the third ODI, they needed 59 off 42 balls with 9 wickets in hands but somehow they ended up losing the match by 18 runs. No optimism, no intention of winning a match, just a team that was that didn’t know what to do in that sort of situation without any plans whatsoever. This was the most unenglish the English white ball side can be. England vs Bangladesh

Surely, ex players weren’t happy about the results in Bangladesh. Ex English cricketer and pundit Nasser Hussain explicitly stated that England undervalued their opponents which is not a good sign for a world class team. They are T20 World Cup champions and they have to perform with the same spirit.

While speaking on Sky Cricket, Hussain said, “My only concern about not having the right balance out there of of your team and having the extra batter and whatever, it’s almost like saying well this is looking towards the future, towards the World Cup.”

“Try also to keep one eye on this game, otherwise you send that sort of message slightly that it’s games not as important as a game in eight months time and I see what they’re trying to do, the short term view and the long term.”

Despite winning the World Cup, Jos Buttler hasn’t looked perfect as a leader, he wants to build a team around his preferred players and he keeps backing them amidst the unwanted results. They gave up the series with the second T20I with same group of players, Buttler backed his decision to go with a batter short rather he chose a pack of all rounders.

“You’ve always got to balance that as a selector, Captain, coach but you must never get away from you’ve got your lions on your shirt. You’re playing for England, Bangladesh deserve, you know a bit of respect here. They’re in their home conditions are difficult side to beat. Pay attention to this game, otherwise the game can jump up and bite you on the backside,” Hussain said. He pointed the difference between building a team for future vs focusing on what is at at table.

England side didn’t enjoy much success in bilateral series since the World Cup, they have won only 1 series which was the three match ODI series against Bangladesh, before that, they lost 0-3 to Australia, 1-2 to South Africa and now another 3-0 T20I series loss has been added to their unwanted T20 record. England vs Bangladesh

Selectors have been inconsistent with their decision, in search of going ahead in the game, they have somehow lost the path that previous captain guided the team through. “These are not stupid people, Matthew Mott, Jos Buttler, Rob Key, they they know what they’re doing. But I just think the message that it sends if you don’t have the extra batter and the right balance is a little bit too much of a message that we’re looking a long way.”

“What did Morgan do? I think Morgan concentrated on every game every. I know he’s trying to change a culture in that white ball side, but he focused in on every game of cricket. And I think if you do that then the future will look after itself,” Nasser Hussain neatly explained what was the approch before the new setup and how they new management has differed from their actual motto.